Easy setup

Setting up your content identification is simple: just sign up and provide us with a list of karaoke tracks you want to clean.

With our large information database, we’ll be able to automatically match your tracks with the audio waveform and identify your contents on video platforms.

It’s that easy!

Graphic Rights Infringements

Thanks to our partnerships with major user-generated content platforms, we are able to quickly identify, claim and remove the illegal content.

In addition, we are able to upload a clean version of your work in order to help you generate new revenues with the traffic driven by these videos.

Providing users with legal and quality karaoke is our guarantee that songwriter and publisher rights will be respected (lyrics, music quality, backgrounds), protected, and appropriately compensated.

Activity & Royalties Reporting

Tracking the activity is hassle-free thanks to the online reporting tools we provide you with.

Just point-and-click to know exactly how many videos have been identified, create drill-down reports for each video, and display the volume of royalties you’re generating thanks to the alternative content uploaded.

Every key figure is available at a glance to help you focus on what’s important: efficiency and revenues.